Best Cabinet Locks and Latches of All Time

 Cabinet locks

Installing locks and latches on your cabinets is a must. Doing so would help you keep stuff like medicines, money, or jewelry, organized, and (if you have small children in the house) baby proof.

Now cabinet locks and latches come in various forms. To help you find the best ones for your cabinets, come take a look at some of our products.

Cam Locks

The cam lock consists of a base and a hole, where the key is inserted to fasten or unfasten the latch. One notable advantage of this type of clasp is that it can secure a cabinet without affecting its outward appearance.

Drawer Locks

Drawer locks are especially great for securing sensitive or precious possessions in a drawer or dresser, offering a better alternative to installing padlocks or other fastening devices. Recently, we have added a new drawer lock series that includes a Master Key option. One key can open all the drawers of your house. The “master” of the house can have one key that will be able to access all drawers. This is advantageous especially for houses with kids who can misplace the keys often. 

Central Locks

Central locks are useful for preventing the simultaneous opening of two or more drawers at once. This helps keep the pedestal from tilting, as well as simplifies and centralizes the cabinet’s locking system (since you’ll only need one key).

Push Locks

Push locks have a rod extending out of its backs while locked; the rod is retracted inside the shell whenever unlocked (to resecure the lock, simply press it back down the body). Common applications include sliding cabinet doors.

Glass Locks

The primary use of a glass lock is as a ratchet bar behind a sliding glass panel, with its lock portion keeping the front glass panel from sliding. Typical applications include jewelry cases, show cases, and trophy cases, among others.

Filing Cabinet Locks

Getting a file cabinet is still one of the best ways to keep your most important documents safe. And a great way to secure a filing cabinet is by installing locks on it. Each of our available filing cabinet locks is state-of-the-art and made with high-grade materials.

Want to Know More?

Aside from the locks listed above, we also have industrial panels locks, draw latches, and other types of cabinet locks. If you want to find out more about our products, visit Magnificent Hardware’s website.