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4x4" Stainless Strainer
  • ₱169.00
4x4 Stainless Strainer with Odor Trap
  • ₱199.00
6x6 Stainless Strainer with Odor Trap
  • ₱249.00
Stainless Flexible Hose for Water Closet 3/8"x7/8"
  • ₱59.00
Stainless Flexible Hose with Brass Angle Valve Standard Size (1/2x12"x14")
  • ₱339.00
Stainless Flexible Hose
  • From ₱129.00
Pipe Plastic Tape
  • ₱9.00
Benefits Of A Stainless Steel Floor Drain

We all want to have clean floors at home or at our workplaces, especially inside bathrooms or places that you use water and other liquid substances at. Thus, having a floor drain helps with maintaining the cleanliness of these areas. Below are the benefits of having a stainless steel floor drain.

Resistance to corrosion

Unlike other types of metal, stainless steel does not corrode easily. There are over 100 grades of stainless steel, the higher the grade, the more resistant the steel. The drains we sell here at Magnificent Hardware are stainless steel 304, so it’s guaranteed to resist corrosion.

Easy to sanitize

Floor drains made of stainless steel are easy to rid of piled up waste that tend to clog your drainage, where bacteria and pathogens also accumulate. Sanitizing is not an issue with stainless floor drains. Since this type of metal doesn’t rust, they are designed for better outflow and effective drainage.

Recyclable and cost-efficient

Stainless steel is recycled and recyclable. It is durable, easy to clean, and therefore long lasting. Having a stainless steel floor drain gives you the option of re-using, thus making it the more cost effective. It may not have the cheapest price upfront, but considering it’s lifespan, you have already saved a good amount on it’s long-term value alone.


Stainless steel looks great and is recognizable. The bright and easily-maintained surface of stainless steel gives a modern and clean look that matches well with marquee properties.

Go stainless

Getting a stainless steel floor drain may not seem to be a big deal. But with these benefits, something this small plays an important part in maintaining the cleanliness of your property.