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Giano Easy Screw On Concealed Hinge
  • ₱29.00
Easy Screw On Soft Close Hinge
  • ₱59.00
Giano 180 Degree Soft Close Full Overlap Hinge
  • ₱139.00
Giano 130° Degree Corner Cabinet Concealed Hinge
  • ₱99.00
Giano Ordinary Full Overlap Hinge
  • ₱19.00
Giano Ordinary Half Overlap Hinge
  • ₱19.00
Giano Ordinary Inset Hinge
  • ₱19.00
Giano Soft Close Hydraulic Full Overlay Hinge
  • ₱49.00
Giano Soft Close Hydraulic Half Overlay Hinge
  • ₱49.00
Giano Soft Close Hydraulic Inset Hinge
  • ₱49.00
Giano Stainless Hydraulic Clip On Full Overlay Hinge
  • ₱99.00
Giano Stainless Hydraulic Clip On Half Overlay Hinge
  • ₱99.00
Giano Stainless Hydraulic Clip On Inset Hinge
  • ₱99.00
Giano Hydraulic 40mm Cup Full Overlay Hinge
  • ₱99.00

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Giano Hydraulic 40mm Cup Half Overlay Hinge
  • ₱99.00

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Giano Hydraulic 40mm Cup Inset Hinge
  • ₱99.00
Giano Push To Open Full Overlay Hinge
  • ₱49.00
Drill Bit
  • ₱149.00
Factors to Remember When Selecting Concealed Hinges

When deciding on what concealed hinges to use on a project or a repair, there are specific things to consider. For starters, you should have already decided that you prefer concealed hinges over the externally mounted and semi-concealed ones. That is already one thing crossed off your list. The remaining aforementioned factors are listed below.

Door Overlay

First off, you must know the overlay of the door where the hinge will be installed. The door overlay is the position of the door in relation to the opening of the cabinet. There are three types of door overlay: full, half and inset. A full overlay covers the entire front edge of the cabinet and is typically used at cabinet ends. Half overlay is more commonly used in the middle of a run of cabinets where the doors are sharing a single partition. While an inset cabinet sits right on the front edges and fits within the cabinet opening of frameless cabinets.

Door width

Take note of how thick the cabinet door you are going to use the hinge on. Plywood thickness of cabinet doors are typically only at ¾ inches. Thus, almost all the concealed hinges in the market use a 35mm cup size, but sometimes the cabinet door is only 1-2 inches thick. For those doors, there are hinges like the 45mm Giano Hydraulic Cup Full Overlay.

The material it was made of

At Magnificent Hardware, we also have hinges made of stainless steel 304. Stainless steel 304 hinges last longer than typical hinges and is a perfect fit for kitchen cabinets because it can withstand extremely high temperatures and doesn’t get rusted easily.

Opening and closing control

There are three available hinges to choose from: the ordinary hinge which makes a sound, the soft closing with a damper which causes doors to resist at the moment of closing that reduces the noise it and the springless one if you choose to open the cabinet door by pushing.

Method of installation

Depending on the door you have to put the hinge on, you have to look for which ones are easier to install. Some hinges require drilling cup holes through the door while others only need to be screwed-in, which is relatively easier.


Picking the concealed hinges that will fit your project depends on how your project is built and your convenience. Keep these factors in mind so your choices will match.