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4030 C-Type Gold Aluminum Handle (3 meter)
  • ₱1,149.00
4030 C-Type Black Aluminum Handle (3 meter)
  • ₱999.00
4030 C-Type Aluminum Handle (3 meter)
  • ₱799.00
Aluminum Frame Only
  • ₱999.00
Aluminum Frame with Handle
  • ₱1,199.00
Aluminum Edge Profile
  • From ₱149.00
Aluminum Corner Frame Bracket
  • From ₱20.00
3400 Stainless Solid Pull Handle
  • From ₱99.00
8925 Stainless Solid Pull Handle
  • From ₱69.00
7925 Stainless Hollow T Bar Handle
  • From ₱39.00
754 Decorative Royalty Handle
  • ₱239.00
601 Two Toned Decorative Handle
  • ₱859.00
682 Classic Stripe Design Handle
  • From ₱629.00
501 Door Handle with Back Plate
  • ₱279.00
112 Round Brass Plated Flush Pull
  • ₱25.00
1411 Square Stainless Steel Flush Pull
  • ₱99.00
0965 Rectangle Black Flush Handle
  • From ₱79.00
SCH001 Oval Antique Brass Flush Pull
  • ₱169.00
Choosing Handles Over Handleless Hardware

Handleless hardware and cabinetry were rarely used until the concept of minimalism surfaced a few years back. While having push-to-open handleless cabinets is a popular option today, especially among millennial homebuyers, cabinet handles are undeniably timeless, and they’re here to stay - forever. Here’s why choosing handles over handleless hardware is the best decision you’ll ever make:

It Costs Less

A common misconception is that handled cabinetry or hardware is more expensive than handleless ones. But the opposite is actually true. It all depends on the options you choose. But more or less, handleless hardware is more likely to cost you twice as much as those with handles. This is because of the added labor involved, its manufacturing process, and the overall cost of special hardware.

It Gives Easier Access

Nothing will give you easier access than having to pull a handle to open drawers and cabinets. Undeniably, cupboards and drawers with handles are a lot easier to open, especially for people with medical conditions like arthritis.

It Suits A Lot Of Finishes Better

Some finishes, like matte black, are prone to fingerprints, so cabinet handles will most likely look a lot more neat and sleek than handleless ones.

It Gives A Neater Look

If you have to push open handleless drawers and cabinets, finger marks will more likely be prominent. That means you have to constantly wipe down all cabinetry and hardware in one space. With handles, you save so much time and effort.

Go For Handled Hardware

The choice to go with push to open handleless hardware should be thought through your overall space design and aesthetic. But if you’re considering the budget and timeless quality, then you better settle for handled ones, which obviously go way back in history.