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Oval Flange
  • From ₱19.00
Giano Soft Close Drawer Slide (Zinc Plated)
  • From ₱259.00
Sliding Rail for Wardrobe
  • ₱339.00
Sliding Roller for Wardrobe
  • ₱199.00
Aluminum Oval Tube
  • From ₱209.00
Steel Oval Tube
  • From ₱209.00
Giano Soft Close Hydraulic Full Overlay Hinge
  • ₱49.00
Giano Full Extension Drawer Slide (Black)
  • From ₱139.00
4030 C-Type Aluminum Handle (3 meter)
  • ₱799.00
Oval Center Support Bracket
  • ₱39.00
Plastic Shelf Support
  • ₱3.00
Giano Push To Open Drawer Slide
  • From ₱269.00
Magnetic Double Push Catch
  • ₱49.00
Drill Bit
  • ₱149.00
Chrome Pipe
  • From ₱169.00
Giano Easy Screw On Concealed Hinge
  • ₱29.00
Aluminum Edge Profile
  • From ₱149.00
Giano Soft Close Hydraulic Half Overlay Hinge
  • ₱49.00
Everything You Need To Know About Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is a simple staple that can ultimately transform any space you choose. Picking the right finish is a matter of coordinating knobs, pulls, or back plates with the type of cabinetry you have. Here’s everything you need to know when deciding on which cabinet hardware to incorporate in your space:

Make Sure It Matches Your Kitchen

Above anything, make sure your cabinet hardware appropriately matches the overall design aesthetic of your kitchen - or basically of any space. All finishes should perfectly coordinate with any cabinets that are already installed.

Proportions Are Important

Different proportions communicate different meanings. You should know that large and overwhelming pieces should be placed in comparison to small and dainty pieces, and vise versa. Think of your space as a blank canvas. From here, make an assessment of your desired outcome.

Solid Brass Makes A Big Difference

Brass is a timeless material that brings weight and quality to any space. You will definitely feel the difference when you get a hold of these heavy pieces in your hand. Any cabinetry paired with 100% solid brass equipment will look extremely polished, and rest assured that these pieces will not chip or wear off over time.

Choosing The Right Cabinet Hardware

Choosing new cabinet hardware is an affordable way of upgrading any space in your home, office, or establishment. With a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes, anyone can customize the look and feel of their space in just a short amount of time. All you ever really need now are some tools and inspiration.