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Nylon Black Toilet Partition Set
  • ₱699.00
Nylon Partition Hinge
  • ₱219.00
Nylon Plastic Foot
  • ₱149.00
Stainless Steel Toilet Partition Set
  • ₱1,099.00
Stainless 304 Partition CR Hinge
  • ₱459.00

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Stainless 304 Self Closing Rising Hinge
  • ₱779.00
Stainless Steel 304 Adjustable Foot
  • ₱389.00
Toilet Partition Indicator Lock
  • ₱469.00
Toilet Partition Indicator Lock
  • ₱349.00
Stainless Steel 304 Bracket
  • ₱69.00
Stainless Angle Bracket 30x38mm
  • ₱19.00
Stainless Angle Bracket 40x40mm
  • ₱39.00
Stainless Steel Door Bumper with Hook
  • ₱179.00
Partition Top Rail
  • ₱429.00
Partition Side Edge
  • ₱219.00
3/4 Aluminum U-Channel
  • ₱429.00
1/2 Aluminum U-Channel
  • ₱429.00
Key Factors to Remember When Selecting Toilet Partition Accessories

Choosing the best toilet partition fittings require knowledge. From the cubicles itself to its design orientation, you need to consider all factors thoroughly before buying its accessories. To help you out, we’ve listed three main factors that would help you understand your needs and choose wisely.


Toilet partition fittings are made using a variety of tough materials, including stainless steel, zinc alloy, and nylon. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, stainless steel may be aesthetically pleasing and durable, but it’s really expensive. It even comes in two grades - stainless steel 201 and stainless steel 304. The former is usually combined with zinc alloy to make it more long-lasting, while the latter is guaranteed against corrosion. Meanwhile, nylon offers a more economical choice, but its design is not as nice as its metallic counterparts.


The traffic in the building and bathroom is also important to consider. For example, prestige buildings like corporate headquarters, civic centers, and major universities have relatively fewer people coming and going. Thus, you can focus on finding toilet partition accessories that exhibit architectural design excellence. On the other hand, heavy-traffic buildings like malls, schools, and amusement parks receive denser crowds regularly. Therefore, the best toilet partition fittings for these venues must be extremely durable yet not too expensive.

Design Orientation

Toilet partition accessories should be selected based on its design orientation. In other words, you need to know whether the hinges are placed left or right, as well as whether the door’s opening configuration is hand in or hand out. At Magnificent Hardware, we have right and left-oriented surface mounted hinges, and we also have universal hinges that allow doors to swing both ways.

The Takeaway

Considering these factors will help you get the most suitable toilet partition accessories for your project. But in case you need further assistance, our team at Magnificent Hardware is more than willing to offer a helping hand.