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4035 C-Type Aluminum Handle (1.5 Meter)
  • ₱449.00
4035 C-Type Black Aluminum Handle (1.5 Meter)
  • ₱549.00
4030 C-Type Gold Aluminum Handle (3 meter)
  • ₱1,149.00
4030 C-Type Aluminum Handle (3 meter)
  • ₱799.00
4030 C-Type Black Aluminum Handle (3 meter)
  • ₱999.00
Aluminum Edge Profile
  • From ₱149.00
Aluminum Frame with Handle
  • ₱1,199.00
Aluminum Frame Only
  • ₱999.00
Aluminum Corner Frame Bracket
  • From ₱20.00
Advantages of Using Aluminum Profiles Over Traditional Cabinet Handles

Proper material selection is always vital when working on a new project. And when it comes to cabinet handles, you would do well to consider using aluminum profiles over more traditional materials. But how exactly are aluminum profiles better than traditional cabinet handles? Read on below to find out!

It’s Versatile

Aluminum is one of the most adaptable metals out there. Soft, lightweight, and malleable, it can be molded into various shapes and forms. Thus, aluminum profiles make excellent cabinet handles.

It’s Relatively Cheap

Aluminum’s versatility also makes it one of the cheapest metals available, with virtually low tooling costs. Many aluminum profiles have fewer components that need to be designed compared with more traditional counterparts. This reduces its fabrication costs and simplifies its assembly process.

It’s Non-Corrosive

Unlike certain other metals, aluminum doesn’t deteriorate. This is mainly due to a naturally-occurring oxide within it that helps protect it from corrosion. Thus, installing it on your cabinets would be better than using traditional components that may rust.

It Has High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Aluminum’s strength-to-weight ratio is higher than that of steel, and its weight is only a third of steel. By opting for aluminum profiles instead of more traditional materials, your cabinet handles would be more durable and lighter.

It Can Accept High-Performance Coatings

Aluminum’s non-corrosive properties can also be enhanced by anodizing it with high-performance coatings. This makes aluminum profiles more flexible if you want to powder coat it to a certain color.

Go Aluminum

As you can see, aluminum profiles have many benefits and advantages not available in traditional cabinet handles. So if you’re currently working on a furniture or home improvement project, you would do well not to exclude it from your plans.