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Tajima Overhead Door Closer
  • From ₱699.00
Tajima Concealed Door Closer
  • ₱2,029.00
Tajima Concealed Overhead Door Closer for Aluminum Door
  • ₱3,899.00
Tajima Floor Hinge
  • ₱2,999.00
Japan Aluminum Screen Door Closer
  • ₱749.00

Sold out

Taiwan Aluminum Screen Door Closer
  • ₱409.00
Tajima Emergency Exit Panic Device
  • ₱3,499.00
Tajima Stainless Steel Panic Device Emergency Exit
  • ₱4,699.00
Tajima Panic Device Lever Lock
  • ₱1,199.00
Floor Hinge
  • ₱1,699.00

Sold out

Cylinder Rim Lock for Panic Device (Spare Parts)
  • ₱179.00
Tips on Choosing The Right Door Closer

There are a variety of door closers to choose from, which is why you need to consider factors to pick the right one for your door. Below are some tips you can follow to choose the right door closer.

Types of door

The type of door you have at your place will require a closer that will match. There are closers available for wooden doors, aluminum-framed doors, glass doors, and screen doors.

Frequency of traffic

Determine how often the door will be used. The frequency of use usually depends on where the door is located and where the building is located. The higher the frequency of use, the durable the door closer must be. The term used to gauge the frequency of use is called a cycle.

Amount of close force

The larger and heavier the door, the more close force is needed. Know the width and weight of the door to determine the capacity of the door closer it will need. The available closers here are for 45kg doors to a maximum of 120 kg.

Mounting situation

Different door closers are all mounted differently too. The most commonly used surface-mounted overhead closers, for instance, have four mounting positions namely, side-arm, regular arm, parallel-arm, and transom-mounted. There is also the concealed door closer, which is aesthetically pleasing.

Closing and latching speed

Door closers can also adjust the closing and latching speed of doors. An adjustable closing speed determines the speed the door closes after it is opened. On the other hand, the adjustable latching speed controls the final few inches of the closing. Controlling these speeds will do good for the people using the door i.e. it allows you older or toddlers to safely pass or open the door before it closes.


The right door closer will only fit the right door. Consider the door that the closer will be mounted on, the people that will use the said door, and how frequent will it be used.