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Sliding Barn Door (Soft Closing)
  • From ₱4,799.00
Mini Sliding Barn Door for Cabinet
  • ₱2,599.00
Nylon Sliding Roller with Bracket Only 75kg
  • ₱499.00
Tajima Nylon Roller
  • ₱399.00
Tajima Steel Roller
  • ₱399.00
Tajima Nylon Roller
  • ₱549.00
Omge Nylon Roller
  • ₱719.00
Omge Steel Roller
  • ₱719.00
Omge Nylon Roller
  • ₱899.00
Omge Steel Roller
  • ₱899.00
Omge Italy Steel Door Track
  • From ₱849.00
Aluminum Track
  • From ₱1,099.00
Heavy Duty Silent 27mm Roller
  • ₱899.00
Aluminum Door Track for 27mm Roller
  • From ₱1,289.00


50S Omge Heavy Duty Fixed Roller
  • ₱1,499.00
  • From ₱1,099.00
50S OMGE Heavy Duty Steel Track
  • ₱1,899.00
Soft Close Silent Roller & Door Track
  • ₱3,699.00
Bifold Sliding Roller Door Mechanism
  • ₱419.00
Easy Steps to Follow When Choosing Sliding Door Rollers

With lots of sliding door rollers to choose from, knowing where to start could get a bit challenging. So to make things easier for you, below are steps that will help you find the perfect sliding door hardware for your home.

Decide the Door’s Function

Sliding doors come in a variety of forms, each with its own unique function. Examples include single and double sliding doors, bifolding doors, and soft closing doors, among others. Thus, it’s crucial that you first know what you want your sliding doors to do before you buy one.

Pick the Right Weight Support

Knowing the weight of the sliding doors is also important when searching for the right sliding door rollers. Picking the wrong set could leave you reinstalling the entire system all over again and wasting money in the process. At Magnificent Hardware, we have rollers for 60kg, 75kg, 120kg and 180kg doors.

Take Measurements

Next, you need to measure up the sliding door. You will especially need to know the length of the door to determine the most suitable door track for your home (At Magnificent Hardware, we sell 2- and 3-meter door tracks).

Choose the Suitable Roller and Track Material

Lastly, you need to consider the material making up the sliding door rollers you want to buy. For example, both steel and nylon sliding door rollers make excellent options, but nylon rollers tend to cause less noise than their steel counterparts (Although steel is more durable than nylon). Also, the door tracks we sell come in both aluminum and steel. Steel may be tougher, but aluminum is lighter and it tends to be less squeaky.

The Takeaway

By following the steps listed above, you’ll be able to get the best sliding door roller for your home. And if you need further assistance, we at Magnificent Hardware can help out.