Best Space-Saving Ideas and Projects For 2020

Best Space-Saving Ideas and Projects For 2020

Regardless of the size and contents of your home, organizing can be a tedious task. There are many things that could go wrong in just one storage space. And as the adults in the house, you know very well how disorganized storage can cause unwanted turmoil.

Thankfully, more and more attractive space-saving strategies and tools are coming out to help solve storage-related problems. Heck, you can even use your creativity to maximize the spaces you have without having to take something out of its place. That being said, here are the best space-saving projects you can do this year.

Wall sconces

If you do not know what sconces are, it's those types of light fixtures that you affix on the wall so that your source of light in the room is using the wall for support instead of where the light usually is. Not only does it save space, but it also adds a much more polished look in your rooms.

Foldable brackets

Speaking of support, have you ever considered using foldable tools for storage? For instance, a foldable shelf bracket can be useful in the kitchen when you need space to put the condiments and coffee mugs on. The best thing about foldable storage spaces is that they are portable and can be moved if needed be and it allows you to maximize the room you have at your disposal.

Pull-out tray table

For those work-at-home people but has no space for an office table or an extra room to convert into an office. Installing a pull-out tray table that you can access anytime. Plus, you can install literally anywhere at home, even in your bedroom or the kitchen. This way you can just pull a chair near you and tuck it away when you do not need it, instead of having it stationed in-place with a table. 

Wall-mounted storage

Wall-mounted storage is efficient, especially in tight spaces. You can use this to create an illusion that makes the room look bigger. For your kitchen, you can use a wall unit that allows you to display your cookware. Floating shelves are also a good fit for the family room and an eat-in kitchen.

Widen kitchen cabinet space

Clear up room for your countertops with the use of spacious sliding drawers. You now have additional space for your wine collection, other kitchen essentials, and even hiding your garbage.

Make more room at home with these project ideas so you don’t have to worry about organizing your stuff and where to put them.