Cheap And Easy DIY Bathroom Ideas

It’s very seldom when one thinks of the bathroom as their favorite part of the house, let alone their most favorite room. But, you can actually love your bathroom even more than expected once you learn how to take good care of it and revamp the room every once in a while.

When it comes to thinking of decorating your home, there is no good reason to ignore your bathroom. In fact, if anything, you should be thinking of renovating this in your home more often as compared to all other rooms. This article has everything you will need to give your old bathroom a much-needed upgrade, from easy and pretty decor ideas down to intelligent storage solutions.

Paint Your Bathroom Wall Anything But White

Painted bathrooms have become a trend over the last few years. This is a really great way to add interest and accent to a space, most especially if that space is small, something like a bathroom. If you’re feeling brave enough, then you might want to go for a gothic look and paint your bathroom walls and ceiling with a combination of dark colors like gray or black, then finish it off with good bathroom lighting. This might just perfectly match your white wire basket where you place your daily bathroom essentials.

Add More Bathroom Accessories

You can always DIY your bathroom accessories and storage if you want to. For this, you can opt for unused mason jars to add a rustic touch to your bathroom. You can leave them clear or paint them white, pastel, gray, or black if you want to. With or without lids, they can definitely be used for storage of your daily bathroom essentials like cotton balls, cotton swabs, toothpaste, or toothbrush. This significantly helps you stay even more organized while still sticking on a budget!

Accent Mirror

You no longer need to settle for a plain or bland mirror or pay a costly amount just to get a decorative one. Now, you can DIY your own accent mirror as you add a tiled-look and finish to your bathroom. This project is pretty simple as all you will ever really need is to create a wood that will serve as the mirror’s frame, then decorate it with tile and grout, making it a perfect highlight above your bathroom’s vanity.

Floating Shelves

Select wood and metal hardware can instantly create expensive and rustic-looking shelves that add a combination of storage and decor to your bathroom. A trip to our hardware store can ultimately provide you with a multitude of inexpensive products that you can use as brackets or fixtures to help secure and hold your wood shelves.

After a trip to the hardware store, you can then proceed onto getting a few boards that will finish and coordinate with your entire bathroom. More than anything, you get to have a beautiful area on top of your vanity, wherein guests will surely get curious and ask where you got these from.

Bathtub Caddy

Tub caddies are another place in your bathroom where you can add decorative touches, even if that means you DIY your way to it. Going for the rustic vibe? You can easily make a tub caddy with a weathered-looking wood, helping you create your own private getaway inside the bathroom. Finish it up with artificial flowers, rolled towels, an old book, or a glass of wine.

Sink Top Toiletry Tray

Vanity trays in the bathroom and on top of your countertop help you stay organized and create beautiful displays. A lot of items can easily be repurposed as toiletry trays all the way from framed mirrors down to wooden crates. Use whatever you can find inside your home and maybe paint it white or any color that matches the interior of your bathroom, creating an easy and inexpensive DIY tray.

Need tools and other hardware accessories to finish off your DIY projects? Make sure to check out our catalog or contact us here to know more.