Foot Pulls: The New Normal In A Post-Pandemic World

Is there really anything you can do to keep the coronavirus disease away from you and your family? With confirmed cases rising up to 22,000 here in the Philippines, it’s only necessary to take extra precautions and look for ways to live a new normal once this is over.

There is just so much unknown about this pathogen. Its symptoms vary from one person to another. While some may be experiencing normal COVID-19 symptoms, others claim to be asymptomatic, which means showing little to no symptoms at all. Now, this can cause greater fear and panic among the mass, as you never really know whether or not a friend or family member already carries the virus. 

As of now, the best ways to effectively contain the virus are the obvious ones. Those that majority of the population already know: Observe social distancing and stay away from physical contact as much as possible. Other measures you can do to help keep the virus away include wearing a face mask, washing your hands thoroughly, and keeping them away from your face as much as possible.

But come to think of it, are all these ever really enough? As the country slowly transitions from once strictly-implemented lockdowns and quarantine to a much more relaxed one, households and businesses alike should all the more think of ways on how to live in a post-pandemic world. It’s not called the ‘new normal’ if nothing in your routine or safety hazards ever really change.

Here’s one thing that will surely sell like hotcakes in the post-pandemic market: foot pulls.

What Are Foot Pulls?

Our Corona foot pull is unlike the corona that everybody fears today. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. This piece of hardware is a stainless handle, but not for your hands. Foot pulls are mounted towards the bottom of a door. So instead of using your hands, the user grabs the handle with a foot to pull the door open.

Isn’t that such a convenience, given the current situation of the world right now?

Foot Pulls And The New Normal

Now that a lot of people are probably anxious or keen to avoid touching, opening, and closing door handles due to fear of contracting the virus, there’s probably going to be a rise in demand for foot pulls all over the market. Transitioning into the ‘new normal’ may not be as easy as 123, but you can always try incorporating the most straightforward things or methods first before completely diving into more significant changes, like replacing door handles and switching to foot pulls instead, especially in public places.

Here are some benefits you get once you switch to foot pulls, and a couple of clearer ideas of how it’s going to be like living in the post-pandemic era:

  • Eliminates the spread of germs as it promotes no physical contact with the handle
  • Greater convenience for people who have their hands full
  • Better hygiene for chefs and kitchen staff preparing food for customers
  • Requires no electricity and easy to install

Our foot pulls also come with 3 set screws making it easier for even the most DIY-unsavvy people to install these in their homes. On top of that, it’s also made of stainless steel, so lest you worry about wet shoes or spilling water from the bathroom.

Keep safe, everyone! We’re still a bit far from flattening the curve, so might we suggest that each of us do our part in combatting the virus in our own little ways. You may contact us here for orders and more information.