Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Lazy Susans

lazy susans

In case you are wondering what a lazy susans are, those are the rotating, tray-shaped platforms commonly placed on counters or tables used to easily distribute food. In other words, a small turntable or a revolving server as it was called in its first advertisement back in 1917.

Lazy susans are made from a variety of materials but are usually aluminum, wood, plastic, or steel.  Over the years, lazy susans have been redesigned to be used as additional storage space in a household that come in different shapes and sizes.  Here is everything else that you need to know about lazy susans.

Different shapes and sizes

The lazy susan comes in different shapes and sizes which shows for its flexibility as a storage tool for cabinets, usually for cabinets.

 Full round - This is the traditional design of a lazy susan. These are the ones that are commonly found in base cabinets or outside the cabinets and on the dining table or the kitchen counter where fruits or condiments are usually placed. They have full circle trays with no cut out for cabinet doors. Instead of attaching on cabinet doors, these fit well with corner cabinets.

Square type - This one usually covers smaller space than the full round. Square types are ideal for swivel units and the ones made of steel have sturdy and strong swivel plates.

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Spacing solution

Lazy susans were invented to enable people to save space at home. You may use yours to keep stuff in place anywhere in your house.

Kitchen - Lazy susan and your kitchen are meant to be together. Aside from adding kitchen cabinet storage and helping to display food and fruit on the dining table, you can also put it in the fridge to organize your condiments.

Living room - Place a lazy susan on your coffee table and keep it neat. Store items like your remote control for the TV so you don’t have a tough time finding it.

Bedroom - Perfect for every woman out there. Organize your vanity products with a swivel top and keep them within reach when you face the mirror to groom yourself.

Now that you know the 411 on lazy susans, you can now consider exploring it as a space-saver and see the little things it can do for your household. If you are interested contact us here.