Here’s How to Choose the Right Hardware Finishes For Your Home

Determining the right hardware finishes for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or your home could get pretty challenging. More often than not, homeowners tend to focus so much on big updates like new flooring or a fully-renovated bathroom. Then, when it comes to the smallest details, often seen everyday, such as your door knobs, handles, and hinges, these are overlooked. Homeowners tend to forget that hardware finishes ultimately affect a home’s functionality and design.


This is the very reason why there’s a wide range of choices. Finishes can range from matte black, shiny black, aged bronze to satin nickel, polished nickel, etc. Want to learn more? Read on further to get different tips and tricks in choosing the right hardware finishes for your home that will complement the entire home’s layout.

Tip #1: Determine Which Finish Suit Your Style

The basic finishes are antique, gold, silver or black. Simply choose which is the base color for your entire home. However, if you don’t exactly have an affinity with color matching, you can always turn to professional interior designers to help you in choosing which ones will best suit your home design. 

Tip #2: Don’t Be Afraid To Mix And Match

When choosing the right hardware finish, never be afraid to mix and match because most styles or finishes go along well right next to each other. Let’s say you have matte black finishes in your kitchen; that doesn’t automatically mean you’re limited to that finish all throughout your entire home. You can have gold accents and details in your bathroom with brass handles and knobs while still being able to integrate matte black finishes on other areas, and believe us, they complement each other perfectly.

Tip #3: Don’t Go Overboard!

As mentioned, you can and you may mix and match hardware finishes. However, don’t go overboard. Aim to have only three or four finishes throughout your house. Sometimes, too much colors can indicate a messy and unorganized home, and we bet you wouldn’t want people to associate your house as messy or cluttered. For some, they could have mix and matched matte black exteriors with satin nickel finishes while also preferring small cabinet knobs instead of long, stainless handles. Everything will depend on your style and preference, just remember, don’t go overboard! Why not try browsing through our handles catalog? We’re pretty sure we have every finish you can think of to complement your home’s style, layout, and decor.

Tip #4: Limit Finishes To No More Than Two Within A Room

While it’s encouraged that you integrate three to four finishes in your entire home, we highly advise you to keep colors within one room to a maximum of only two, especially when a room appears smaller than usual. This is to prevent each [small] room from looking too chaotic; just like how it’ll look when you go crazy over your hardware finishes.


Don’t feel too overwhelmed with the idea of updating parts of your home - even if that means updating just the smallest of details! You don’t have to replace all door knobs, cabinet handles, hinges, and whatsoever all in one day! Trust the process, and do things slowly but surely. You’ll get to your dream layout soon enough. Do let us know if you need help with anything by filling out this form or calling us at (02) 8-516-6341.