How To Install Hidden Door Hinges

Hidden or invisible door hinges are, from the name itself, hidden or invisible when [kitchen] cabinet doors, or basically just any door, in particular, are shut. Meanwhile, when the door is open, you can see the movable parts of the entire hinge. This type of door hinge is believed to be the best type for beginners in cabinet-making, or basically for homeowners trying to install doors and cabinets.

Installing such hinges come in pretty easy and in fact, has straightforward instructions that help you fix and align the hinges perfectly. For starters, having a basic drill or driver will enable you to place hinges in about twenty minutes or so.

Need help installing hinges around your house? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install door hinges:

Step 1: Mark The Door

First things first, mark your door. You can use a combination square to do this. Mark a line at the back of your preferred door parallel with where you’re placing the hinge and inset ⅞ inch. It’s crucial that you accurately make marks and measure lines since this is where you’ll be placing the entirety of your hinge. Treat this as the very foundation, template, or blueprint of your DIY project.

Step 2: Start Punching Holes

After marking your door, you can start drilling in and punching holes so as to create the base where your door hinge is going to be installed. You can look up ways on how to make your own template on the Internet, and that alone should be enough to help you get through the next step.

Step 3: Indicate The Depth and Start Drilling

Once you’re done making the “template,” and once you feel like everything else is right on track, you can now start identifying and indicating your desired or preferred depth to drill. But actually, invisible door hinges already have an initial or standard depth that you can easily follow, without a sweat. Once you’ve figured out how much you need to drill down, start piercing through each divot or cutout.

Step 4: Seal and Drill All Loose Ends

Finally, make sure everything is sealed, drilled, and locked into place. Installing invisible or hidden door hinges shouldn’t be a challenge as it’s pretty much straightforward, which is why it’s highly recommended even for those who know a little to nothing about installing hardware parts!

Step 5: Test and Enjoy Your New Door!

After drilling everything, it’s time to put your new door to the test! Once you find it seamless and without fault, you can now enjoy living in a home with such invisible door hinges, for the rest of your days! If you find that your new door [hinge] performs a bit too sketchy, you may want to make a run through and double-check every single part so as to fix whichever it is that causes your dor to jam.

Should you need help in finding the right door hinge for your home, feel free to check out our catalog! Or better yet, contact us here. We’d be happy to assist you!