Magnificent Hardware Participates in This Year’s Philconstruct Exhibit

The Philconstruct Exhibit is deemed as the largest expo of its kind here in the Philippines. Today, it continues to define the industry of building and construction throughout the entire country, which they have been doing for over two decades now.

More than an expo, Philconstruct is now really an industry meeting place where companies and other associations come and gather to show and talk about diverse topics that could help shape and improve the industry of building and construction today. Topics like energy-efficient tools, structures, and occupational safety for machine operators and handlers are only some of the most significant and useful ones up to date.

This exhibit has opened so much doors for varying businesses in the same industry. This is why professionals in the same field of expertise always look forward to Philconstruct’s event and expo. Attending even one full day of the said exhibit can guarantee you lots of take-homes because the organizers behind this event never disappoint. 

The Philconstruct Exhibit happens annually, and this year, it’s set to focus, again, on Estilo De Vida, which is an annual inter-school interior design competition. Philconstruct's Estilo De Vida is a much-awaited feature in Philconstruct’s 30th celebration of it being the most prestigious and trusted construction show in the Philippines. The event is set to occur on November 7 to 10 at the SMX Convention Center Manila. Each year, over 70,000 participants attend this exhibit. These participants include students, architects, engineers, businesspeople, interior designers, government officials, businesses and associations, and other professionals from the same industry. 

Magnificent Hardware is not an exception to this as we also participate in the said expo every year as a way of opening our doors to new opportunities in the construction industry, which, in fact, is Philconstruct’s primary goal ⁠— to help businesses network. Being in the building and construction industry, it’s a privilege to be able to attend exhibits like such in order to expand our knowledge and open doors for new trends. Through this, we get to reach more audience and possibly offer new products in line with the latest and hottest trends.

This November, the Philconstruct Exhibit is expected to bring in stakeholders from the public and private sectors to learn more about other countries’ products and technologies and how to possibly apply this here in the Philippines to further improve, develop, and strengthen the country’s varying buildings and other infrastructures.

Interested in going? You can visit Philconstruct’s website for more information about the event, tickets, and registration. We also have complimentary passes for the event, so make sure to contact us here if you want to secure one. By the way, our booth number is R40 at the SMX Main Hall, Ground Floor. 

For other updates, make sure to check out Estilo De Vida's Official Facebook Page. We hope to see you there!