Road To Better Homes: Replacing And Upgrading Cabinet Handles

If you find yourself becoming more and more restless with your furniture, then maybe it’s time to consider upgrading your hardware. This quick and simple fix can instantly brighten up your space and transform what once were dull dressers, cupboards, and cabinets into fresh, new-looking pieces.

Any cabinet hardware is the perfect accent to a beautiful room. Cabinet handles, on the other hand, are just the right pieces to finish up any space. As with the rest of your home, choosing the style of any handle is crucial. Modern hardware with fixed square edges can perfectly complement any room that is dominated by simple and streamlined cabinet hardware. Meanwhile, traditional spaces like cottages or country homes will definitely go well with decorative pulls and embellished styling.

Here’s everything you need to know about replacing and upgrading cabinet handles:

Choose The Right Hole

Cabinet handle jigs feature many holes to suit a variety of spacing options and handle lengths. To avoid mistakes when punching through your cabinets or drawers, make sure to apply masking tape and poke through the ones you actually only need. Preferably, you can use an awl to mark these holes before drilling. That way, you won’t skate off the mark even when you drill through hard vinyl finishes.

Attach Temporarily

A common mistake most DIY-ers make is permanently attaching the handles too soon. Before sealing it, you would want to use a Blu-Tack first. That way, you can clearly examine whether or not the handle is attached comfortably and does not create any sort of obstruction when the cabinet door is open. Stick on a few handles temporarily first, making sure they are optimally positioned. From there, mark and identify the most suitable and ideal locations to use on a handle jig and place the handle.

Align Your Handles

Nobody wants misaligned kitchen cabinets and drawers. And for that, make sure you align your handles by using the top base rail as a guide. This will help center your knobs, pulls, or handles, creating a good visual balance.

Brass Screams Elegance And Luxury

Lean brass and gold handles are easily becoming a staple in every home today. Modern yet still traditional, these finishes have a way of adapting to a variety of home design, aesthetic, and styles; hence, making it the perfect update to any space.

Black Exudes Class

Nothing ever comes close to black, and things don’t seem to get more classic than a black and white combo. Take a nostalgic trip to retro style with slim black bars paired with industrial lighting and hardware. It seems old-fashioned, but with a touch of modernity still.


Updating your hardware and finishes not only makes a space a lot more beautiful, but it also adds significant value to your home. This is the very reason why a lot of homeowners today allot designated budgets even for minor renovations. Are you ready to upgrade your cabinet handles? Contact us now or view our catalog and see which ones best fit your needs.