Saving Space In Your Apartment With Murphy Beds

Space is so important these days, especially if you live in a small apartment. You have to carefully pick and choose which furniture to bring and buy, and which ones you can and can’t live without. Space-saving furniture and other equipment are now the talk of the town, so have you chosen which ones you’re willing to sacrifice for space?

Since you spend a reasonable amount of time sleeping, settling for an OK bed is not an option. This is personal space we’re talking about! Most people get all creative when it comes to their bed, so why shouldn’t you?

However, beds are known to take up so much space, and with limited square footage in your apartment, that only means you’ll have to look and go for the best space-saving beds that will also bring you comfort. Daybeds, rollaway beds, sofabeds, and trundles are good options as they can help save space in your apartment. But let’s be more realistic, even these take up quite a bit of space. So what’s your best option?

Murphy beds.

What Are Murphy Beds?

A Murphy bed, a wall bed, a pull-down bed—it all means one thing. It’s a bed that you can pull up in the morning to make your small apartment suddenly feel bigger than it actually is. If anything, it actually helps you make use of the extra space in the morning until you have to pull the bed down again.

Many real estate studies find that studio apartments are quite a tough sell because of the limited space buyers and renters get. Minimalism is not for everyone, which is why a lot of buyers tend to have a hard time visualizing how to maximize the space and use it efficiently.

Fortunately, you can now DIY your own Murphy bed, saving both the space in your little apartment and your limited budget!

DIY-ing A Murphy Bed

DIYs have gotten more prevalent now more than ever. Since the quarantine period started, a lot of homeowners have taken matters into their own hands when it comes to repairing and renovating a part of their home. And this includes DIY-ing a Murphy bed.

Thankfully, you can purchase a bed lift storage mechanism and work your way to making your own wall bed. This mechanism allows you to make the most out of your tiny space as it also creates a hidden storage where you can hide away some of your things during the day.

How Are Murphy Beds Different From Other Beds?

It Saves You A Ton Of Space

If it still wasn’t obvious, Murphy beds help apartment owners save a ton of space. It takes up very little room and can never be in the way when you’re not using it. And when you need to call it a night, simply pull the bed down out of the wall to convert what once was an illusion of a wall or a storage space into a comfortable bed. In the morning, the bed easily folds up to free up a significant amount of space that you will need for work, cleaning, gatherings, and many more.

It’s Safe And Easy To Use

Some homeowners are still quite hesitant to get their own wall bed, maybe because of how it’s always been portrayed to malfunction in the movies. But rest assured that our bed lift storage mechanisms are made with innovative and high-quality spring systems, making it easier to open and close the bed without the fear of getting squished in the middle of the night.

It’s Customizable

You have the freedom to choose what to do with your Murphy bed. You can opt for a single, double, or queen-sized bed and design it with wood finishes and open-close storage options. You can also add built-in lighting with your bed either for aesthetic, reading, or accent purposes.

It Complements Your Home Design

Your Murphy bed can ultimately complement the entirety of your home or apartment’s design as it can be crafted into beautiful cabinet units or shelves when folded up in the day and when the bed isn’t needed.

Even when you decide to finally move, these wall beds will keep providing value because you can easily disassemble the mechanism and transport it to your new residence. Murphy beds are truly timeless, so you should get one yourself now. Got any other questions? Feel free to contact us here.