Top 10 Stylish Clothing Racks and Hangers You Can Do At Home

Needing extra storage without having enough space in your room is pretty challenging. So instead of stressing things out, think outside the box. Or rather, think outside the closet.

Old and small homes only have one thing in common: limited closet space. And if you’re one who loves clothes and keeps purchasing one each time you get the chance, then you’re about to have this storage dilemma. But instead of compromising a lot of things, why not go for the best possible option where you can add storage without decreasing your space?

Thankfully, there are plenty of DIY projects when it comes to expanding one’s closet storage and needs. We’re here to help! Here are the top 10 stylish clothing racks and hangers you can do at home:

1. Stick Or Bamboo Racks

If mass-produced and ready-made clothing racks are just too pricey for you, don’t fall into despair yet. You can still get the same look and feel for your home when you look for alternatives like a functional stick or bamboo. To make this a fancy rack, grab any straight stick you have at home, hang it from the ceiling with a wire, and voila! You now have a rustic vibe and reimagined clothing rack where you can hang your clothes, scarves, belts, and many more.

2. Kitchen Knobs, Pulls, And Handles

Who says you can’t repurpose old cabinet hardware into DIY clothing racks and hangers? Scratch this idea because you definitely can! Treat these tiny babies as multifunctional elements in your house. Simply drill or screw a knob, pull, or handle inside an existing cabinet or against a wall. After that, you can now use it for hanging accessories like necklaces, scarves, and belts, or clothing items like shirts, jeans, or dresses.

3. Aluminum Rod

As many already know, aluminum is one of the most versatile and adaptable metals out in the market. It’s soft, lightweight, and malleable, which makes it yet again another perfect DIY clothing rack for when you need extra storage in your home. You can assemble multiple aluminum rods to make your DIY clothing rack where you can hang anything you want. Take note that aluminum also has a strength-to-weight ratio, which only means that opting for this material will make any of your DIY projects durable yet lighter still.

4. Clothing Headboard

Have an old bed which you haven’t disposed of yet? Save the headboard for something else! Bright, colorful dresses and skirts give an otherwise dull and colorless room just the right amount of sunshine and pop of color. Better if you use a light washed wooden headboard (if you have one) as it displays a more rustic yet still modern vibe all at the same time.

5. Hanging Copper Pipe

You can always find something useful in the trash. In this case, before throwing out old or unused pipes, you might want to gather it and repaint it with a fancy color such as copper or rose gold. Then, you may proceed onto attaching wires and screws so you can hang a completely redesigned pipe tube and make it your clothing rack or hanger.

6. Ladder Hanger

Our list of finding things before they get thrown away just never ends! If you have an old or unused ladder from a worn-out double deck bed, then you can definitely use this as a clothing rack or hanger! Simply repaint the ladder with a color of your choice, and plan which accessories or clothes to hang on the first, second, and third levels.

7. Rope Rack

We bet you’ve never thought of using a rope as a clothing rack. Well, this simple DIY project is actually doable. Even the most hardware and DIY unsavvy individuals can complete this project. Simply tie or hand a rope from one end to another, and use gold, copper, or rose gold-colored clothing hangers to make it look more neat and presentable. However, do keep in mind that a rope clothing rack is not as durable as those mentioned above, so only pick and hang light clothes or accessories.

8. Branch Clothing Rack

Just like earlier mentioned bamboo racks, a branch clothing rack will only require you to look for a sturdy enough branch and a couple of cords or strings. Suspend the cords or strings onto a hook and attach it onto your ceiling. Now your branch rack hangs beautifully down your room. Better if you hang bohemian-inspired or lace clothing here to make it look more beautiful and Swedish.

9. Minimalistic Clothing Rack

With this, you’ll only need old, unused, or spare stainless steel tubes or pipes. Pain it white, black, or gray and make it lean against the wall. It’s a very unique way to hang your clothes, with the bottom rack making it easy to rest your shoes on. Add a few touches of gold paint to make this piece pop.

10. Chain Clothing Hanger

Last but not least, here’s another simple way to hang your clothes when you have no space left in your closet. Take any old chain or purchase one from your local hardware store (it shouldn’t cost much), and hang it onto a hook. From there, place each hanger on different levels or holes of the chain, and voila! You’re good to go!

So, if you think getting an aesthetically pleasing wardrobe hanger or rack requires spending a lot, then think again because these DIY projects and ideas definitely say otherwise.