Top Cabinet Hardware Finishes Today


Choosing the right finishes for your cabinet hardware can get pretty overwhelming. Overhauling your initial plan or layout for your cabinets and counters may seem easy, but changing and deciding on its finishes can take you weeks or months to actually get things over with.

Normally, it’s the smallest of things and details that make the most substantial impact in every home. The type of hardware finishes used on your cabinets may seem (and they really are) minial, but it’s the details that can say so much about your personal style and preference when it comes to designing your own, let’s say, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or house in general. Picking the right hardware finishes for your cabinet can make your entire home look and feel complete while also tying together each and every home element. With that, we’ve laid out a couple of today’s top cabinet hardware finishes to help you out in deciding whether or not to get a knob, a handle, an aluminum one, a stainless one, or a plastic one.


Brass is a classic hardware finish that complements cabinets with lighter tones. This is because the brass or metal material tends to shine brighter, allowing it to stick and stand out more. More than its classic vibe, brass is also undeniably durable and can last you a long time, so you wouldn’t need to replace your cabinet handles or knobs every now and then. Here at Magnificent Hardware, we have a wide range of brass handles to choose from. These, you can incorporate into your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom cabinets.


Black is a timeless color. A timeless piece. A timeless design. Black-coated metals come off as an attractive choice, and it definitely makes a statement. The color black is undeniably versatile, pairing it with anything and everything is effortless as it goes well with any type of design and complements other colors as well.

While blacks are known to go and pair well with lighter cabinets, they can also look good with darker ones as blacks can be paired with anything in general! For starters, black cabinets and hardware finishes go well with contemporary, modern designs as much as it does with traditional ones.


You’re gonna have to skip this part if you’re getting tired of the word “timeless” because yes, chrome is yet again another timeless piece when it comes to cabinet hardware finishes.

Think of the 1950s cars with bumpers and old house sinks paired with pearl white and chrome knobs and handles. Do we even need to say more about this? No one can ever go wrong with this finish. 

However, if you’re a family with children and you’re concerned about chromes getting fingerprints, then feel free to shy away from this style as there are a lot more options available for you. Meanwhile, for those who wouldn’t mind as much, it can be the perfect touch or accent to your cabinet as the shine gives an impression and vibe of jewelry. Bedazzle your kitchen cabinets away!

Having a major hardware finish dilemma? Contact us now and let us help you out in finding the perfect finish for your cabinet!