Top Curtain Design Ideas to Welcome 2020

Sometimes, your strong desire to make changes within your home lies in simple processes such as changing your doorknobs, kitchen handles, curtains, and other finishes. As we close 2019 and welcome the new year, new modern curtains will surely take over houses—adding further details, a unique atmosphere, ambiance, and spirit to your entire home.

This coming 2020, curtains are shifting from mere shields from the morning and afternoon sun, but rather those aesthetically pleasing to the eye of anyone who walks into the room, and more than that, completing the whole look of your home.

Allow us to be the first in introducing the different curtain trends you need to watch out for in 2020. You also might want to take a look at our curtain sets and see which options would best complement the look of your home.

Cafe Style

Image source: Pinterest

Your entire home, including your windows, would look and feel bare without curtains; hence, the need to look for the perfect styles that will best suit the layout or design of your house. The new year suggests cafe style curtains as part of the top curtain design ideas you need to watch out for. But, before anything else, you have to pick a “look” for your home. How much light would you want to let in? Do you prefer absolute privacy or you wouldn’t mind one at all? Picking your “look” or style can greatly influence your curtain design ideas and choices.

Cafes share this homey and comfortable atmosphere. Normally, in cafes, windows are incorporated with sheer curtains hung from the middle of the windows to let in as much natural light. With sheer curtains, you can let in as much sun rays while still having an adequate amount of privacy. However, some cafes incorporate linen, cotton, and wool that completely blocks light and provides utter privacy. Now, it’s up to you to decide which ones you like best, and which ones suit the layouts of your home; your bedroom or living room most especially.

Japanese Style

Image source: Pinterest

Today, a lot of designers are highly inspired by anything Japanese, especially when it comes to style and motifs. This is not surprising at all because the Japanese culture, in general, has pretty significant influences across the globe, so curtain styles and ideas for the incoming year wouldn’t be complete without Japanese-styled curtains.

If you’ve been to Japan, or you’re familiar with how the Japanese homes look like, you can probably picture this style in your mind now. Japanese curtain ideas are also known as panel curtains, whereas windows look like screens and curtains are hung in such a way that helps let in a hint of natural light. Oftentimes, Japanese style curtains are either cupped or tied back, which makes the whole look even more elegant and neat yet still stylish at the same time.

French Style

Image source: Pinterest

If you’re in for some luxury options, you should definitely consider French curtain design ideas. French curtain designs are those with detailed folds and casual flow that goes all the way down to the floor, giving your home a soft and calming look.

Usually, French curtain designs have the best and most high-quality materials, with fabrics ranging from satin to sill, moire to tulle, and a whole lot more. This gives off that elegant look and finish to any room in the house. However, do take note that French curtain styles fit those with spacious and large rooms the most.

Portiere Modern Style

Image source: Pinterest

Portiere modern style curtains are one of the most classical options there is, yet continue to be relevant up to this day. Similar to French style curtains, these curtains fit large and spacious rooms more as it tends to have dense fabric and poses an intense, solid color.

There are so many more things to consider when picking the right and perfect curtain choice for your home; curtains, rods, bows, windows, curtain lengths, and hanging styles! Our curtain sets flawlessly work with any hanging style, so you also might want to check that out.

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