Top Door Hardware Trends of 2019

Here at Magnificent Hardware, we believe that first impressions last. With that, we want to be able to offer only the best of our products and services to all our valued customers. Over the years, we strive to learn and adapt to new changes so we could provide you with the latest trends on hardware finishes.

To better help you in picking out only the best and top picks of door hardware finishes, here’s a list of this year’s top door hardware trends:

Timeless Black Beauty

You read that right. Black. Black never gets old. It’s a timeless color that complements almost any furniture, appliance, corner, or door, and can add a subtle yet bold, elegant, and modern statement to any project.

Let’s say your door frame is a classic, plain white one. What better way to input style and elegance than incorporate a full-on black door knob to complete the whole look, right? As mentioned, black goes with almost anything and everything, so there’s no point in worrying about whether or not it’s going to mix and match with your home furniture and overall design or layout.

Tired of the same old black door knob scheme? Why not try incorporating a sliding barn door into your home? Transform an old, boring doorway into a new, personalized statement by adding a bit of accent and interior to your sliding barn door. On top of that, you can pair it up with our black Corona sliding lock explicitly made for sliding doors. Who would’ve thought there could be so much better ways to redesign your home?

The Comeback of Brushed Nickel

While brushed nickel hasn’t completely lost its purpose, a lot of design magazines have been featuring this color or hardware finish lately. Hence, brushed nickel is making it to the ladder of this year’s latest door hardware trends.

Most designers use brushed nickel hardware because of how it stands out and “commands attention.” This is why we don’t really get surprised when lots of customers ask for brushed nickel as part of their door finishes because just like black, brushed nickel is a timeless beauty.

Classic Brass and Bronze Hardware

Yet another classic and timeless piece--brass and bronze hardware. Brass (and bronze), no matter its form, whether antique, satin, or aged, is unquestionably desirable and aesthetically-pleasing to the eyes. If set against a proper or correct backdrop, it can give the most authentic, luxurious, and beautiful result.

Today, almost every home layout lean towards modern designs, and brass is perfect for the job because brass finishes look even better on modern decor and industrial interiors. You may want to check our varying door locks for we have plenty of brass door handles, locks, and other finishes that most customers also find alluring.

Door hardware trends come and go. What’s in today may not be tomorrow’s latest trend. But whatever hardware designs or finishes you need, we’ll definitely have something to meet your expectations, design needs, wants, or criteria. 

Need assistance with your hardware finishes? Contact us now and let us extend a helping hand for all your hardware finishes and design dilemmas.