Turn Your Old Cabinets Into Sliding Closet Doors With These Easy Steps

Turn Your Old Cabinets Into Sliding Closet Doors With These Easy Steps

If you are planning to dispose of your old cabinets or thinking of breaking them down to pieces to use them for another project, don’t. There’s a good way to refurbish your old cabinets and make it still serve its function well. For instance, how about converting it into a sliding closet door?

With the appropriate hardware, you can install sliding closet doors with no trouble. Here are the easy steps on how to turn your old cabinet into a sliding closet door.

Prepare and measure

Before buying the sliding closet door, remove the existing doors on your closet to take its measurement. Unscrew and unhinge all the installed hinges to take the doors off. This is to free your closet from any obstruction while you work. Then, take both the height and width of the closet opening. Measure the distance between the top of the closet opening and the floor for accurate height measurement while taking the width by measuring one side of the opening to the other.

Install the tracks

Cut the tracks to size following the measurements you took and get started with installing the sliding wardrobe mechanism. Then position the tracks accordingly. Top track at the top, bottom track at the bottom, etc. Once finished, screw the tracks in place using a drill.

Put on the doors

Insert the wheels on the top of the first door into the top track. Tilt the top backward, then latch the wheels on top of the door onto the back runner. Then, drop the wheels on the bottom of the door into the bottom track to line them up with the back runner.  Repeat said steps with the second door but with the front runners on the track. Once you’re finished, you should be able to slide both doors without interfering with each other.

Take note that you should be able to adjust the doors as needed. Most sliding closet doors can be adjusted using the rollers at the top and the bottom. You also have the option to buy glass if the mechanism does not include it.

Now you know it’s pretty easy to refurbish your old cabinet to make it look brand new. Keep in mind that it is a possibility for other storage spaces in your house if you aim to reduce your waste.