Here's Why A Lot of People Have Been Getting Lift Top Coffee Tables

Previously, we talked about how Murphy beds are a must in tiny apartments because of their space-saving abilities. And since we’re on that page still, might as well talk about lift top coffee tables.

Coffee tables are the central pieces of furniture that elevate both the form and function of a home’s living area. Elegant pieces like lift top coffee tables can help accentuate and pull together the overall home decor. But not a lot of people actually know what lift top coffee tables are, or if they do even exist. So what are these, really?

What Are Lift Top Coffee Tables?

Lift top coffee tables are modern centerpieces with lift-up table mechanism, letting a part of the table lift away from its base to reveal an interior storage area. The elevated surface, then, allows you to place essentials like coffee mugs, mobile devices, laptops, keys, or remotes for easier reach while still letting you access other items stored inside or under.

If Murphy beds are ideal pieces for small apartments, then consider lift top coffee tables a staple too! This mechanism also easily converts to a working desk or a small dining table, making them a multifunctional and space-saving piece for homes with limited space.

Why A Lot Of People Have Been Getting Lift Top Coffee Tables

Easier To Eat

Unlike traditional coffee tables, you can easily enjoy a snack or a meal on lift top coffee tables as it has the right elevation. Forget about leaning over or sitting on the floor because this table--when raised up--is just about the same height as standard tables.

Movie night? Wine night? Game night? Lift top coffee tables are the best option to avoid awkward moves and food or drinks spilling. Instead of leaning over to grab your snack, the lift top coffee table quickly adjusts and rises to your needs. 

Designed To Be Useful

As mentioned, getting a lift top coffee table (or DIY-ing your own) brings you a lot of benefits. It is designed to be useful in your everyday life. Aside from placing drinks and snacks on it, you can also use the table as a place to rest your legs on, a dining table when a few friends are over, and a game table, among other things.

This is also great for people who are working from home, especially these days. Not everyone can set up their own working space, so this lift top coffee table will do. And besides, it does the job of a regular table anyway, plus you get more storage space underneath for other office essentials like sticky notes, pens, and papers.

Easy To Assemble

Not everyone has the budget for a new lift top coffee table. But who says you have to buy a new one when you can make one yourself? That’s right, lift top coffee tables can also be DIY-ed as long as you have the right materials. Plus, it’s going to be a fun activity and an achievement piece that you can be proud of when your family, friends, and other guests come over to your place.